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As everyone knows by now (or at least the people who pay any attention to sports) the last few weeks has brought big news in the world of PED’s. Two baseball players (including one leading the league in hitting) were suspended 50 games for getting caught with elevated testosterone, and more importantly, Lance Armstrong gave […]

Goodbye Girls

It was recently brought to my attention that I focus entirely too much on women. This does not come as a surprise…I love women. They’re attractive, they’ve got fascinating body parts that we men do not enjoy, they smell nice, etc., etc., etc. But for the longest time women are all I’ve really cared about. […]

Farewell Olympics

So because I’m a sheep lacking any level of originality (which makes it curious that I’m writing a blog that I hope people will read), I am required by law to do my recap of the Porno Olympics (sorry, the XXX Olympiad). ┬áIf you hate the Olympics, then you are a terrorist, a communist, un-American, […]