The Greatest Dating Profile You’ll Ever Read or: Dating Is Stupid

Dating is stupid.  It’s that simple.  I could go into some long diatribe about how it’s confusing and it makes no sense and my dating stories are ridiculous.  However, I’ve shared enough of my dating stories to at least provide some entertainment (you can always send donations for said entertainment via PayPal to…some of those stories were not cheap), and I’ve been told that my last post was a little bit more morbid than I would’ve preferred (having a buddy come up to me and giving me a hug at a tailgate saying he’s worried about me was not exactly the response I was aiming for, but thanks for worrying about me).

So instead I’ve created an honest dating profile.  I’ll admit it’s not quite as honest as the one I saw this weekend where the woman said she was looking for a man who would support her so she could get back on heroin, but it’s a bit more of my actual personality as opposed to the, “Oh, please read this and fall in love with me” profile that pretty much everyone puts on the dating sites to convince others that they’re not needy or psycho or collect human heads or have 47 cats at home.  I’ve even included pictures in there, because everyone likes pictures and these are the ones I would never put out there on my actual dating profile.

It’s going to be really depressing if this thing gets more responses than my actual dating profile.rsz_1okcupid___honestabe36___36___m___ferndale_michiganrsz_okcupid___honestabe36___36___m___ferndale_michigan_1

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