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Farewell Olympics

So because I’m a sheep lacking any level of originality (which makes it curious that I’m writing a blog that I hope people will read), I am required by law to do my recap of the Porno Olympics (sorry, the XXX Olympiad). ┬áIf you hate the Olympics, then you are a terrorist, a communist, un-American, […]

Death to Colorado

Years ago, in another life, I got to travel quite a bit for work. Unfortunately, this was before my current drinking prowess had really kicked into high gear, so I wouldn’t just go to a bar and drink for the night. And the sights I wouldn’t have minded seeing in these towns typically closed around […]


Recently (and by recently i mean within the past few months) some of the people who read this blog have asked for more posts. OK. One person. But I think I share this blog with 10 people, and that represents 10% of my readership, and…something something something. Here’s the thing: I like to write. I […]

Fuck Canada (Part 2)

A while back – almost 2 years ago now, in fact – I wrote a post entitled “Fuck Canada”. Well, I was forced to go there for business, and it’s so much worse when you’re forced to go there. First off, they talk funny. I can deal with an accent. That’s normal…some of them are […]

The Continuing Legacy of the Date from Hell

Please note that the things that occurred in this post absolutely happened – at least as best as I can recall them. Also, there will be at least one instance of graphic discussion of a sexual nature, so if that makes you uncomfortable, well, stop reading now. Those who pay attention to this blog (all […]

Pop Princesses

Anyone who knows me knows that while I have fairly decent taste in music, I’ve also got an odd affinity for the pop princesses. There was a time when I had everything by Britney, listened to Christina Aguilera and wanted to bang the shit out of Jessica Simpson (in fact, I still want to bang […]

Playoff Time

Well, this is a bit late, but I wanted to mimic Deadspin’s somewhat traditional “Haters Guide to the Playoffs” and give you my reasons why I hate every team in the playoffs, both NBA and NHL (except one, obviously). Off we go. NHL Eastern Conference 1. Washington Capitals: Alexander Ovechkin is ugly. Plus Pavel Datsyuk […]